Mentorship Program

The PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter in keeping in alignment with its mission and bring values to its membership has instituted a mentoring facilitation program.  

The PMI Space Coast chapter membership represents hundreds of years of experience in the profession with broad knowledge over the many aspects of program management. The Chapter, in keeping with its mission to advance the project management profession on Florida’s Space Coast, has developed a program which brings the student and mentor together.

This program is simple and relies on the membership for its success. Members seeking new skills or understanding can complete a web form to identify the skill, tool, process, or other aspect of project management they wish to learn. Members who have the knowledge and experience they would like to share can volunteer as mentors or trainers.

The Process: The students and mentors identify themselves using webforms found on the chapter’s website. The student’s request and the mentor’s areas of expertise are posted on the chapter’s website anonymously. When a match occurs, the Program Facilitator will make the introductions and either set a time and date for the mentoring session(s) or allow the student and mentor to arrange their own schedule. If there is a large interest in any particular field or tool, the program facilitator will schedule a group meet that best fits the groups schedule.

Agreement: All mentors agree to maintain active professional certification and membership (and/or other applicable credentialing or professional requirements for their field during their participation in the mentoring program and shall immediately notify the program coordinator regarding any change to their mentoring commitment.

Mentee and Mentor shall provide a final evaluation of the relationship at the end of the formal mentoring session.

Code of Ethics: Participants are to strictly abide to Code of Ethics.

Liability: The PMI Space Chapter is not assuming any liability or responsibility with respect to any legal matter, unethical behavior, harassment, misconduct, disputes, interpersonal quarrels, sexual harassment.

Mentoring Request Form

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