Program Spotlight - FourBlock

fourblocklogoFourBlock is shaping the future of veteran transition and veteran career readiness by building a nationwide community of veterans and employers dedicated to supporting returning service members as they pursue meaningful careers after the military. We bring together a veteran with an employer so that they may have a conversation about career opportunities, learn from one another, and begin to build a professional relationship.

FourBlock’s Career Readiness Program is designed to equip transitioning service members and veterans with the tools they need to develop professional knowledge and build the relationships necessary to successfully transition to meaningful civilian careers. We partner with top companies across the country to provide our program participants with world-class career transition programming developed in partnership with Columbia University.

Each week program participants meet with employer representatives from different companies and industries to learn about corporate culture, develop and practice the technical competencies needed for an effective career search - and most importantly - gain access to both veteran and civilian employees with whom relationships can be built.

During the program, program participants are supported one-on-one by volunteer Veteran Career Readiness Coaches. These coaches – FourBlock alumni, company representatives, and others who desire to help veterans in their career transitions – offer feedback, address personal transition and career-related questions, and help guide individualized career search strategies and planning.

Upon completion of the program, our participants (FourBlock alumni) emerge with an actionable plan for furthering their career search strategy. They have an improved ability to communicate their military experience, a better understanding of corporate culture, and a professional network build and grow. All FourBlock alumni are offered follow-on support in the form of continued career counseling, and access to our networking and other professional development events nation-wide – both virtually and in person.

At the core of our program is relationship building – bringing together a veteran with an employer so that they can learn from one another, begin to build a professional relationship, and discuss career opportunities. The purpose of each session is to facilitate this type of conversation for every participant and corporate representative in attendance. Our curriculum is designed to prepare each participant for this moment and subsequent relationship-building conversations.

After the course is finished, our team is available to continue to work with alumni as they begin to take action on discovering a new purpose in a meaningful civilian career. FourBlock alumni are encouraged to become active members of our community in whatever way makes sense for them. This might be serving as a future Career Readiness Instructor, a volunteer Career Readiness Coach, serving on an employer panel, or hiring from our next cohort of veterans.

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