PMI Space Coast Veteran Spotlight (Week 3)

Our Veteran spotlight this week is

Technical Sergeant Michael Gosselin, USAF, Retired!

Thank you for your service!!


Technical Sergeant Michael Gosselin (Ret) is continuing his project management journey after retiring from the Air Force in June 2021. He has been a member of the PMI Space Coast chapter since January 2021. He works in a small writing and editing company, The Military Editor® Agency, with his wife, Brunella Costagliola. Michael uses the business skills he learned during his residency with Vets2PM as well as his agile project management skills he attained while becoming a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) through his residency. Michael says, “Being able to help my wife’s company grow with my project management skills and being able to spend so much time with my family is one of the great things I received from my SkillBridge residency! I get to use my skills as a project manager and my skills as a veteran to help guide customers through the literary world.”

As a project manager for The Military Editor® Agency, Michael directly interfaces with authors as he drafts statements of work, contracts, budgets, and project milestones for each of their writing projects. Michael uses the skills he learned during his Vets2PM residency (which is where he attained his PSM), and his experience as a project manager and leader in the Air Force to help guide projects and help ensure customer satisfaction.

Since becoming a project manager for The Military Editor® Agency Michael has helped the company go from an upper five-figure business to a six-figure business by taking all the project tasks and organizing them to increase efficiency. Michael keeps authors on track through dynamic scheduling and constant communication. Brunella has said “The decision to join forces as professionals came naturally because we both knew what we would bring to the table.” Michael credits his successful transition from military project manager to civilian project manager to his four-month residency with Vets2PM. The combination of his residency and years of project planning while in the military have already led to many successful projects for The Military Editor® Agency and he looks forward to many years of continuing to help grow the business.