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Who Should Join

Anyone can join our chapter.  A PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter membership may be right for you if:

  • You are a student interested in learning more about a career in project management
  • You are a student currently studying project management
  • You are a working professional interested in integrating PMI project management principles into your organization
  • You are a new or experienced project manager looking to gain a PMI certification or to learn from local industry leaders
  • You are a seasoned project manager interested in networking with other local PM's
  • You are a local business owner looking to network with other local business leaders and decision makers
  • Anyone including: teachers and educators, business managers or non-profit leaders interested in learning more about project management to improve their organization or further their career   

How To Join


Step 1: Joining PMI National

To join the PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter you must first become a PMI member or renew your membership by choosing the plan that is right for you.

Individual Member

Our individual membership is open to anyone interested in project management. If your work involves projects or project management, or you simply want to learn more about the profession, an individual membership is a terrific solution for you.

Per year, a PMI individual membership is US$129* to join, US$119* to renew.

April 1, 2021 per year rate will increase for PMI individual membership to US$139* to join, US$129* to renew.

Student Member

PMI memberships aren't just for working project practitioners.  If you are enrolled in a degree-granting program at a college or university that has U.S. accreditation, or the global equivalent, a PMI student membership may be right for you.  All you need is a passion for project management and verification of college enrollment.

Per year, a PMI student membership is US$40* to join, US$30* to renew.

April 1, 2021 per year rate will increase for PMI student membership to US$42* to join, US$32* to renew.

Retiree Member

Your enthusiasm for project management doesn't have to end when you stop working.  If you have been a PMI member in good standing for five consecutive years and have retired from active employment, you can take advantage of a discounted retiree membership and stay involved with the profession.

Per year, A PMI retiree membership is US$60*

April 1, 2021 per year rate will increase for  A PMI retiree membership to US$65*


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Step 2: Joining a PMI Component - PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter

Once you've joined PMI National you may now choose to become a member of a PMI Component.  We encourage you to join PMI National and PMI Space Coast at the same time.  Click here for the PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter component information.


What Happens Next

PMI National will process your membership request and payment.  You will receive an email confirming the completion of your application.  PMI Space Coast will run a batch process once a month to bring over new and renewing members to our chapter website.  New members or members who may have let their membership lapse for more than a month will not be able to access our Member Area or register for events as a member until this month-end process is completed.  New or returning members who cannot access our Member Area may register for any event as a guest and will be refunded the difference between the member rate and guest rate if applicable.  Please contact us with any additional questions regarding member login. 


Still Not Sure

If you're still not certain a PMI Space Coast membership is right for you, we encourage you to contact one of our board of directors for more information.  Our board members will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.   You may also attend our next event as a guest.  You will have an opportunity to network with current members and learn first hand the benefits of joining our chapter. 


Contact us

Fill out our membership inquiry form and a PMI Space Coast representative will contact you with more information.


*Membership prices are subject to change at any time.  PMI Space Coast Florida Chapter does not guarentee the pricing information on this page.  Please contact us if a pricing discrepancy exists.